Stock Market Charting and Data Specialists

JustData was established in 1989 for the purpose of delivering quality end-of-day data to the private investor and trader looking for accurate data at an affordable price for their market analysis software. JustData’s BodhiGold data downloading software is arguably the most advanced and flexible end-of-day data software available to end users, plus providing the most comprehensive range of stock, futures and forex exchanges.

Over the years JustData have expanded into the area of Market Analysis Software. Producing its own advanced Scanning and back testing program called ScanVest. JustData also has a commercial interest in the GTE Charting software and fully owns the Ezy Suite of products, which includes EzyChart, EzyManager and EzyAnalyser. JustData will continue to develop this very popular Ezy Suite of products.

In recent years JustData’s expertise in the market data industry has led to a partnership with Exchange Data International in the UK. This partnership provides data solutions to the wider corporate sector.

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